UCSD CSE 15L Winter 2022

Software Tools and Techniques

Joe Gibbs Politz - jpolitz@eng.ucsd.edu - jpolitz.github.io

For now, this page is a placeholder and holds frequently asked questions about the course. This site will switch to containing the official course website and syllabus at the start of winter quarter (early January 2022).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the course have remote options?

Currently, I’m are not planning any remote or asynchronous options for CSE 15L. You should make sure you’re available at the times and places listed on the course schedule.

It’s helpful to me if you let me know (jpolitz@eng.ucsd.edu) if you would like a remote/asynchronous option and why.

Q: I have a question about enrollments, section times, or the waitlist.

Reach out to the folks at CSE student affairs:


They know much more than me about timelines, waitlist logistics, policies for majors and non-majors enrollment, and so on.